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Im a producer

2011-01-15 02:02:33 by rokkerguy

Check out my stuff here


2010-10-09 23:12:20 by rokkerguy

Just started getting into FL Studio the first 3 songs i post will be DJ Pfrimmer but ive found a new name my name is D Town Villains so yuuhhh check out the music im getting better at it

Note on 2009

2009-12-20 19:06:17 by rokkerguy

After a year long Flash retirement, I plan on coming back out with some more animations I've been VERY busy and have been doing WAY more designing in Photoshop CS4 but they are not accepted here and are unwelcome because I did'nt actually "make" them. Anyway expect to see some Flashimation out soon. I've been getting TONS of inspiration lately. Sooo I'll be seeing you soon, or shall I say you'll bee seeing me soon. (;


2009-10-24 23:03:58 by rokkerguy

Aiit I think Im comin back but im completely unsure :\


2009-07-10 19:56:59 by rokkerguy

Im now submitting to the art portal I use Flash and Photoshop CS4 and Its GREAAATTT! :)


Shades Day '09

2009-06-09 21:54:07 by rokkerguy

Ok so I know that shades day isn't till September But I am going to start now. Im Planning A HUGE Project to be due on the day of and it will be HUGE! so please dont ask "WHY!?"

Shades Day '09

I'm Still here

2009-06-04 17:28:34 by rokkerguy

Hey I've Been on but production has been SUPER SLOW latley due to bad grades. But now Ive passed and I will hopefully be able to make some new material. :) soo just keepin you updated.

Michael P. (rokkerguy)


2009-04-26 12:56:50 by rokkerguy

Nothing to special at all though, I have to use a free title. :( But I'm still glad I have a website now! :)
Here is the link Rokkerguy Animations Inc. yep I'll be posting my flash soon. Unfortunately after getting a new cpu I lost many of my flash source files but im looking forward to manking new flashes on my new computer!

Michael P. (rokkerguy)



2009-04-08 20:11:38 by rokkerguy

Hey guys im just giving you an update. Im working on a flash movie now but dont expect it too soon, also Im thinking about using the whole flash vlogging things that uses. I dont think Klim and Netts will mind that much though given that Im there cousin, but thats just my little update thanks for reading.

Michael P. (rokkerguy)

How's it going?

2009-02-19 17:41:52 by rokkerguy

Hey Im sorry about the stand still on animations. I should be posting pretty soon though.
I just applied for an "Electronic Media Art" class, I think that involves aninmation If it does I will definatley be posting like mad. Let's just hope I get accepted.

Michael P.

How's it going?